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The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation has enlisted the help of some exceptional women, each one personally affected by TNBC, to serve as our official TNBC Day Champions. Each will help spread the word about 3.3.14 and help recruit and assist event organizers. Each Champion has joined this effort for her own reasons, but all our Champions are here to make a difference in the TNBC community. We thank these remarkable individuals for leading the charge to make our second TNBC Day a big success.
Tracy Bunch/VA
Oncology Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist and 13-Year TNBC Survivor

"I am excited to be a TNBC Day Champion because it allows me the opportunity to educate the community and women living with Triple Negative Breast Cancer about the disease and its treatments. It also allows me to offer support and hope for women as we use this day 3.3.14 to let the world know that we are here we have a voice and that we deserve more and better treatment options."

As a 13 year TNBC survivor, I am thrilled and inspired by the work of the TNBC Foundation for its commitment and dedication to women diagnosed with TNBC. The 2014 TNBC Day activities will be a day of education, support and inspiration and will bring us all one-step closer to finding a cure.

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Ricki Fairley/MD
Mom, Marketing Maven and Two-Year TNBC Survivor

"I am honored to be a TNBC Champion. As a very blessed, two-year Stage 3A Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor, I am on a mission to build awareness and spread the word. Breast Cancer stopped me in my tracks as a multi-tasking, miracle-working, rule the world, do-it-all career woman and mom. It gave me a temporary pause so I could reinvent myself and redefine my priorities. Triple Negative Breast Cancer is impacting young women and young women of color at crazy rates. I want to make sure that women know that they need to be aware of the risk of breast cancer years before the recommended mammogram age of 40. I was blessed to be able to make decisions to Choose Life. I want others to have the same blessing. Hopefully, my voice in this quest will make an impact."

Lori Flowers/CA
Co-Founder of Triple Step Toward the Cure and Surviving Sister of Sheryl

"I will never again argue about clothes or laugh with the one person who got all of my jokes, and always let me tag along even though we were seven years apart because three years ago, TNBC claimed my beautiful, brilliant sister, Sheryl. But as she often said, "you have to bloom where you are planted", meaning there is something to be gained from every experience. One of the ways I have 'bloomed' is by co-founding Triple Step Toward the Cure®, a non-profit organization that seeks to promote awareness and education about TNBC, while directly supporting women suffering from the disease.

I am proud to stand with the TNBC Foundation as a Champion in the fight to increase awareness of TNBC so that viable, targeted treatment options will be developed and one day, a cure. All the pink ribbons in the world won't bring my sister back. However, our collective efforts as champions and advocates WILL make a difference in the lives of countless others and I can't think of a better way to honor Sheryl's memory. Join us today!"

Annie Goodman/NY
Television Producer, Blogger and TNBC Survivor

"Soon after my breast cancer diagnoses in 2012, I learned that I was triple negative. I had already been active with the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation when I learned that I was also a BRCA1 mutation carrier. I suspected I would be a carrier, but to see the paper in black and white was still a shock. It carried so many implications for my health and for my life goals- and I was only 31 years old. It seemed like a whole lot to deal with. The Executive Director of TNBC Foundation was accompanying me to my chemo appointment the day I got the genetic tests back. We sat and talked about what it meant, what the implications might be for my siblings, and where this new news fit in the scheme of all the bad news I had received. It was so helpful to have a sounding board with me at that time.

Since then, I've decided to write a blog focused on BRCA mutations for FOXNews, my employer. I'm writing the column on BRCA1 in hopes of reaching other women who receive this news--how to handle it, how to make decisions when given this news (on getting a mastectomy, removing ovaries, etc), and how important it is to share it with your family, so they can also start getting early screenings for cancer--whether they're male or female.

Having great resources and research for BRCA-1 carriers is crucial, and I'm helping in any way I can. By being a Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day Champion, I hope to get the word out about this disease and help the TNBC Foundation continue their important work on behalf of the triple negative breast cancer community."

Sara Kouten/NJ
Miracle Mom, Patient Navigator and TNBC Survivor

"When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, I did not realize that all breast cancers were not the same. Nine months later I learned what triple negative breast cancer really was, and that I was at a greater risk. The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation offered me support and information. For me, knowledge is power, and when it was coupled with the support of other TNBC survivors on the forum of the TNBCF website, I was able to fight with everything I had. I believe I was given sub-par treatment at the onset of my diagnosis because at that time, not all members of the medical community treated tnbc any differently than any other breast cancer. It is my mission not only to fundraise to support research for tnbc, but to also raise awareness and to educate everyone, including the medical community, about triple negative breast cancer."

"Courage is fear that has said her prayers."
    - Author Unknown

"Hope is like a bird that senses the dawn and carefully starts to sing while it is still dark."
    - Anonymous

Roxanne Martinez/TX
Mom, Social Media Whiz and TNBC Survivor

"Diagnosed with TNBC at age 30 and while pregnant in November 2010, I quickly channeled my inner strength into fighting my battle for two. My journey immediately fueled a new passion to help other women diagnosed with breast cancer, educate others about the disease and raise funds for lifesaving research. Now cancer-free and a mom to a healthy baby girl, I am excited to be a TNBC Champion. Being a TNBC Champion allows me to channel my energy and drive into helping the TNBC Foundation increase awareness and raise funds for research to find targeted treatments for this devastating disease. Please join me in this fight!"

Natalia Muñoz/FL
Mom, Activist and Five-Year TNBC Survivor

"I am excited about being a TNBC Champion because I want to increase awareness about TNBC and also spread the word about the Foundation which is such an amazing source of support for people like me whose lives have been touched by this disease. We need to find a cure and for that we need to keep funding research and spreading the word about TNBC."

Cristy Norwood/AK
Proud Warrior, Mom of Five and TNBC Survivor

"I can't begin to tell you just how much the TNBC Foundation and my TNBC family mean to me. I so want to share my story with EVERYONE that I can! Those that are going through it, those who have been through it, those going through some other struggle in their lives... I want to show them and share with them that God is with us every step of the way at our side. Hand it over and he guides us through. I want to show them and share with them that with dignity & grace and faith you can stand strong through triple negative breast cancer. Be courageous and know you are a WARRIOR CHICK!!! I am so excited to be a TNBC Day Champion and look forward to raising awareness and funds to help the TNBC Foundation fulfill its mission."

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