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People Making A Difference 2017-04-04T20:06:37+00:00

People Making A Difference

Teeing for Tatas

Teeing for Tatas
Oct. 3, 2015 – Shanra Kehl organized a golf scramble and Frisbee golf outing in Memory of her mom, Patricia J. Kehl at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The event raised over $7,000 for the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.
> Read Sanra’s Story

Teeing for Tatas

Melissa Paskvan

TNBC Day Champion Melissa Paskvan
Congratulations to TNBC Day Champion, Melissa Paskvan on being awarded the 2015 Debra A. Green Community Service Award for Northwest Ohio for her advocacy and dedication to breast cancer awareness.
> Read Melissa’s Story

Melissa Paskvan Award

Stars Group Bowling Fundraiser

Stars Group Bowling Fundraiser
Thank you to the STARS group at the law firm of Cole Schotz in Hackensack, NJ for their recent donation of $1600 which they raised by hosting a bowling event at Lucky Strike.

Stars Group Bowling Fundraiser

Brownie Troop Donates to Support TNBC

Brownie Troop Donates to Support TNBC
Girl Scout North East Ohio Troop #90308 donated a portion of their fall 2013-2014 fundraising proceeds in honor of TNBC survivor, mom and troop leader, Lisa Ridgway at their summer celebration. They presented a $500 check to Lisa to be donated to the TNBC Foundation in honor of her on going fight again TNBC.

Appalachian Beach Runners

Appalachian Beach Runners
The Appalachian Beach Runners selected TNBC Foundation as the recipient of their September 2013 fundraiser, raising over $6000 for the cause!

Appalachian Beach Runners

Dancing and Desserts

Dancing and Desserts
October 2013 – Debbie DeGolier’s friends and family held a dance party in her honor to raise awareness and funds for TNBC Foundation at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Denver. Their efforts raised over $1800!

"Pink Out" Lacrosse Game

“Pink Out” Lacrosse Game
TNBC survivor, Sara Kouten and the Hillsborough High School Boys Lacrosse Team sold pinnies sporting the TNBC Foundation logo for their fans to wear at a “Pink Out” game on May 1, 2013. Along with their shake can fundraiser they raised $1000 to help us in our mission!


Worth New York supports TNBC Foundation at Fall/Winter Trunk Show October 6-7
In support of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Julie Cohen, Style Consultant held a special weekend event October 6-7 during her Fall/Winter Worth New York Trunk Show in Alpine, NJ and 10% of the proceeds were donated to TNBC Foundation. The shopping event was about women supporting women and raising awareness and funds to support TNBC Foundation. The Worth New York customers were gratified that their clothing purchases helped support the TNBC Foundation mission.


Pink Salon & Boutique Cut-a-thon
When Whitney Lowe of Wooster, Ohio passed away of TNBC at 26 years old, Whitney’s friends rallied to find ways to support her family and honor her memory. Her lifelong friend, Tiffany, organized a “cut-a-thon” with her partner, Kristen, at their “Pink Salon & Boutique” in Wooster to benefit the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. Throughout the whole month of July 20% of all services, plus on July 10th 100% of services, were donated to the TNBC Foundation in Whitney’s honor. Whitney’s cousin, Amanda and Todd Terakedis, donated to TNBC Foundation in lieu of table favors at their wedding in Whitney’s memory. Also Whitney’s friend, Morgan Martin, organized a Premier jewelry party with all proceeds donated to TNBC Foundation.


Miniature Golf Classic
October 2012 – Friends and Family of Robin Crist organized the second annual Miniature Golf Classic in her memory. Last year they raised $3600, and this year $8050! All donations will be used to further the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission.



Maxfit Spin Class
Maxfit Spinning studio in Cresskill, NJ presented a fundraiser for TNBC Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 30 riders contributed a minimum of $100 each, raising a total of $3,350 for the Foundation. When member Therese Lagana, whose mother is a breast cancer survivor, first approached Maxfit owners Chris and Amy Miller, they loved the idea. “This is about bringing the community together to create health and hope,” explained Chris Miller. “Empowering people by helping them take charge of their health through mindful living and safe exercise is our goal at Maxfit.”
Read the article | Visit the Maxfit website


TNBC Foundation Honoree Receives “Distinguished Service in Journalism” Award
Jennifer Griffin, Fox News National Security Correspondent and triple negative breast cancer survivor, was presented the “Distinguished Service in Journalism” award by the Congressional Families Preventing Cancer Foundation on Sept 20, 2012 in a ceremony in the Cannon Building on Capitol Hill. Jennifer is a fighter, mother, blogger, and dear friend and past honoree of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. She is pictured here with TNBCF Executive Director Lori Redmer, Jennifer’s guest at the event.


St. Paul’s Boys Hockey Team raises $2,100 in “Pink the Rink”
The Boys Hockey Team of St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire dressed in pink for a special “Pink the Rink” game and donated the $2,100 they raised to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. To see more pictures from their “Pink the Rink” game, visit


Friends of Jessica Raise Money for TNBC Research
A Day of Fun – Annual Dinner Dance – Hair Cut-a-thon
Jessica Fox had a determined spirit that inspired her friends and family. When she passed away from triple negative breast cancer, they channeled their grief into raising money for tnbc research as a tribute to her life, which they donate to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. “We will continue our efforts in hopes of providing funds toward advancements in cancer research, creating a supportive community for patients, caregivers, friends and family, and to always keep Jessica’s memory alive,” explains the family on their website,


Cancer with Joy
Stage 4 cancer survivor Joy Huber penned “Cancer with Joy” and is excited to share this news with the TNBCF community. The book features Cristy Norwood, stage two triple negative survivor and TNBCF Courage Award recipient, who inspires readers with her story of facing cancer while pregnant with her fifth child. more >



Bat Girl Rising
I never win anything. So when my husband announced that he was entering me into a contest to be the honorary batgirl to the New York Mets, I knew it would never happen. On May 3, I got a call from Gabrielle Raymond from the MLB alerting me that I had, in fact, been selected to represent the Mets as the honorary bat girl for the 2012 Major League Baseball Mother’s Day Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. more >



Erase Breast Cancer Forever
Oct. 21, 2011 – Jolie Zenna, daughter of honorary TNBC Foundation Founder, Nancy Block-Zenna, along with her friends Samantha Dinerman, Ashley Dinerman (daughters of TNBC Foundation Board Chair and Founder, Hayley Dinerman), and Morgan Messinger, set up shop at the Edward H. Bryan School in Cresskill, NJ to sell pink erasers and raise funds for TNBC Foundation. The girls raised over $500 more than doubling their initial goal!
Read the Bergen article | Read the North Jersey article



Tough Mudder
Oct. 22, 2011 – Bill Bressette, along with his incredibly determined team, completed a 10 mile obstacle course in honor of Bill’s wife, Dana and her successful fight against triple negative breast cancer. They raised over $8,500 for TNBC Foundation! The team members all wore shirts that read “Tough Mudder Virginia 2011…still easier than chemo”. See more photos at Bill’s Gallery



Breast Cancer Walk
TNBC Survivor Mary Margaret Scanlan, her daughter Beth, and other family members took part in a breast cancer walk on October 1, 2011 in honor of Mary’s success. They refused to let the rainy weather deter them from their goal and trudged on with soggy shoes and umbrellas in hand. They raised $1,000 for TNBC Foundation!


Banker’s Healthcare Group, Inc.
Banker’s Healthcare Group, Inc. is no stranger to the unfortunate truths associated with breast cancer as a valued team member was recently diagnosed with this disease. Recently, Banker’s Healthcare Group made a significant donation to the TNBC Foundation to support research in finding a cure. This donation and the efforts of the TNBC Foundation make it possible for women affected by breast cancer to find hope and have a chance to lead happy and healthy lives.

“We are thrilled to be able to make this donation. BHG is a big proponent of looking out for one another and strives to have a positive impact in our community,” said Robert Castro, Owner and President of BHG.

Please visit for more information about this company.


Cookie Lee Jewelry
Sandra Demilio recently held a small fundraiser selling Cookie Lee Jewelry in memory of her sister, Leslie Vance Fink (pictured in photo) and friends Patricia and Kim who also battled TNBC. Sandra’s sales raised over $600 to help TNBC Foundation® in our mission.


JFK Communications, Inc.
JFK Communications, Inc., a healthcare public relations agency, is providing pro bono public relations and marketing services to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation®. JFK Communications lead a major effort to raise awareness of the annual Triple Negative Breast Cancer Symposium, held on December 7, 2010 in San Antonio, TX. Through their healthcare PR efforts, JFK secured multiple media interviews that aired on nationally syndicated networks such as ABC, NBC, Univision, as well as local radio broadcast stations. JFK also arranged for Selma Schimmel, founder and CEO of The Group to interview Andres Forero, MD about his triple negative breast cancer research.

For more information on JFK Communications please visit our web site, or call 609.514.5117.


The Venice Beach Mermaid Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research
Ané Vecchione, her sister Gina and their friends organized a truly original fundraiser! The Venice Beach Mermaid Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research was created to raise funds for TNBC Foundation® and send good vibes to Vicky Wight, a young mother and dear friend battling triple negative breast cancer. They raised over $700 in one day dressed as mermaids on the Venice Beach Boardwalk and donated it all to! Throughout the day they encouraged people to write little notes to Vicky and send her healing energy. Gina sang old blues songs and even rewrote the lyrics with the mermaid theme in mind TNBC Foundation®. All costumes and props were homemade, all the way down to the fins. Not only did they raise money for research, but they brought many a smile to Venice locals and boosted the spirits of their dear friend, Vicky, who texted during the event saying how great she felt. Vicky is cancer free in 2011!

Watch the video


Breast Buddies
While in treatment for triple negative breast cancer, Marie Cittadino envisioned and created the website Breast Buddies to spread the word about TNBC and to support TNBC Foundation® through donations and proceeds from sales. In just one year she raised over $1000 to assist TNBC Foundation® in our mission!


Pink Ribbon Cupcakes
The talented chefs at Grandma’s Kitchen, a gourmet bakery located at 125 Paris Avenue in Northvale, NJ, have created beautiful pink ribbon cupcakes in honor of breast cancer awareness month. The cupcakes are $2 each and 25% of the proceeds will benefit the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation®. Grandma’s Kitchen creations have been featured on The Oprah Winfry show and The View.
Grandma’s Kitchen Website:

Order in person: 125 Paris Avenue, Northvale, NJ
Order by phone: 201.750.2301
Order by email:


Shop and Rock
Oct. 14, 2010 – BergenMama and Guess What’s New? Boutique teamed up to host the first ever “Shop and Rock” event to benefit the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation®. Guests rocked out to a live DJ and enjoyed refreshments while shopping for their favorite brands. Shoppers were given a 10% discount off retail prices and 10% of each purchase was donated to TNBC Foundation® raising a total of $1000 to help fight triple negative breast cancer!


Woman’s Grief Inspires Breast Cancer Campaign
Geraldine Harris distributes thousands of TNBC brochures to raise awareness of triple negative breast cancer in memory of her sister Francene Harris Robinson whose battle with TNBC ended on June 5, 2009.

Read the article


Everlast’s ‘What Do You Fight For?’ Campaign
Kim Brylow, winner of Everlast’s “What Do You Fight For?” campaign is donating her $5000 prize money to TNBC Foundation®. Everlast will also provide Kim with a VIP trip for her and one guest to the Sergio Mora – Shane Mosley fight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. on September 18th, 2010.

Read the press release


Help Find Lucky
Arkansas business owner, Patrick Thomas organized a unique fundraiser to show support for his friend Georgia Lewis and to celebrate the end of her treatments. He arranged the kidnapping of Lucky the Pig from the Smoking Cannnon Barbeque Shack in Jacksonville with a hefty ransom demand. Reports and photos of Lucky’s whereabouts quickly came pouring in. Thankfully, Lucky was returned to his owners by Jacksonville Mayor, Gary Fletcher, who found him on the steps of City Hall. Lucky’s Friends and fans celebrated with a homecoming parade on August 21, 2010. The $3000 ransom was donated to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation®.

See the event website
See photos of the parade


Photo by Yvonne Min

Hike for Hope
On July 9th, 2010, Colette Baumann Krol along with her family and friends participated in a hike of the breathtaking Chautauqua area in Bolder, Colorado. Colette was diagnosed with TNBC in the Spring of 2009. Her friends organized the hike to show their support for Colette raising over $6000 for TNBC Foundation®!


Save the Girls
Ellen Moran was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2009. After undergoing several diagnostic procedures, it was confirmed that she indeed had triple negative breast cancer. Soon after, Ellen began doing research and found the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation®, which she found helpful, informative and supportive. As of early 2010, Ellen remains cancer-free and continues to support awareness and research alongside the out-reach efforts of the TNBC Foundation®.

Ellen’s family and friends have organized the Ellen Moran “Save the Girls” Tour of Long Beach Island, NJ to raise awareness about TNBC and generate funds to help further the mission of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation®.


West Washington Elementary School
The 5th grade class at West Washington Elementary School in Campbellsburg, Indiana, along with their teacher, Leah Stewart, created and sold a cookbook to support the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation®. Each student had the opportunity to dedicate their recipe to someone who has been touched by breast cancer. They raised over $1000 in donations for TNBC Foundation®!


Hiking Mount Washington
Rick Poulin and Theresa Ramirez are hiking Mount Washington, one of the fiercest mountains on the planet, and the biggest in the Northeast, during the month of February 2010 to raise funds for the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation®. Rick and Theresa are hiking in honor of their dear friend, Naomi Vanguilder who is courageously facing this disease; Rick’s mother, Marion Poulin, his Aunts, and cousin who also fought but lost to breast and ovarian cancers, and ALL the amazing women rising up to win this battle!


Ruth Morgan’s Fundraising Website
Beginning in 2004, Ruth Morgan began a 5 1/2 year fight against Triple Negative Breast Cancer. After an amazingly valiant fight, she lost her battle on 11/22/09. Ruth’s family set up a fundraising website so that her friends and family could honor her memory by helping in the fight against TNBC. Within one month, approximately $8,000 had been raised, and donations were still coming in. Read more at this web address:


John Pineda’s Birthday Challenge

On May 21, 2009 my sister, brother, and I lost our mother, Carmelita Pineda, to Triple Negative Breast Cancer. She fought the disease valiantly from her diagnosis in October 2007 until her passing. Our friends and family were devastated by her passing and still are to this day. In the weeks before my 23rd birthday on October 28, I decided that I wanted to do something different. I decided that instead of asking for material items for my birthday, I would challenge my family and friends to educate themselves about Triple Negative Breast Cancer and donate to the TNBC Foundation® in my mother’s memory.
More >

John’s Interview about his mother’s battle with TNBC, for the website


One Less Thing To Worry About
Fighting cancer is difficult enough, but living with it is even tougher – and that’s where the Cleaning for A Reason Foundation steps in. This newly formed nonprofit offers free professional housecleaning, and maid services to improve the lives of women undergoing treatment for cancer – any type of cancer. If you are a cancer patient submit an application by clicking the Cancer Patients tab on their homepage.


Dwight-Englewood School Charity Bake Sale
When Elizabeth Maline’s fourth-grade class at the Dwight-Englewood School in New Jersey decided to have a charity bake sale, she nominated the TNBC Foundation® as one of the recipients. She presented information on the organization to her class, a vote was taken and TNBC Foundation® was one of the three chosen charities. Nancy Block-Zenna was a very close friend of Elizabeth’s family and Elizabeth is very excited to be helping the triple negative cause! More >


University of Florida Biomedical Scientists Raise Funds for Research
A group of biomedical scientists at the University of Florida have joined to promote awareness and research for Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). The write: “When we heard about the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation® and the amazing strides that they have made in supporting new research, we had to join in their cause.” More >

Read a new article about the students and their efforts
UF Students Form Foundation to Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research


Melanie, Paula and Mary Kay
Just recently, my close friend Melanie was diagnosed with TNBC. She is a friend, a wife, and a mom. Melanie and I first met as potluck roommates at Purdue. We soon became fast friends as we were both engineering students, and we also became sorority sisters. After learning more about TNBC, I wanted to help fund research to find a cure. I will donate 50% of my profits for all items you purchase from my Mary Kay website. Just mention “TNBC Foundation” in the comments section of your order as you checkout, and together we can make a difference.


Peace, Love and a Cure® Towels and T-shirts
TNBC Foundation® members and volunteers raise awareness at Temple Sinai in Tenafly, NJ. They received donations totalling $1,615! On display are TNBC Foundation’s® Peace, Love and a Cure® towels and t-shirts.
More >


Rosemary’s Campaign
Following her sister’s diagnosis with triple negative breast cancer, Rosemary started an online fundraising campaign to raise money for the TNBC Foundation®.
More >


The Lemonade Stand
Adorable young entrepreneurs raise over $100 to support the mission of the TNBC Foundation® using the time-tested, All-American fundraising vehicle – the lemonade stand!


Terri and Larisa
Terri and Larisa are taking on THREE endurance race challenges in THREE months in hopes of raising THREE thousand dollars to support The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation® AND to support the incredible women faced with the challenges that TNBC imposes on their lives.
More >


Jessica Fox Fun Day
August 2, 2008 mark the First Annual Jessica Fox Day of Fun – a fun day of play for all ages! Organized by Sharon and David DelRocco im memory of their cousin Jessica Fox, the fundraiser aims to help raise awareness of triple negative breast cancer. The event will be held annually on the first Saturday of August. All proceeds will go to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation®.
More >


Angela Lenzo
Interior designer Angela Lenzo led a fundraising campaign at Ethan Allen Home Interiors in River Edge, NJ to benefit the TNBC Foundation®. With generous support from store manager Andy Leeds, designers and staff members, Ethan Allen raised over $1500 to support our cause!
More >


Monica Levinson
I was dreading my 40th birthday and news that one of my best friends had been diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer just made me even less interested in celebrating the big day. After some thought, I decided to throw myself a Birthday Casino Night and, instead of gifts, asked that people buy their playing chips as a donation for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation®. It was so much fun!
More >


Jon Block
Jon Block, brother of the TNBC Foundation’s® honorary founder Nancy Block-Zenna, decided to run the New York City Marathon in his sister’s memory. He started an online fund raising campaign and raised an astounding $11,387 in donations for the Foundation. There are a number of charity support websites that allow you to create your own fund raising web page and accept online donations for the charity of your choice.
More >


Mindy Goldstein
Mindy Goldstein is an avid runner who entered the New York City Marathon with the goal of raising money to support the efforts of the TNBC Foundation®. Her online fund raising campaign raised a remarkable $5,813 in donations for the Foundation.
More >


Laura Manfredo
A breast cancer survivor herself, Laura created an online fundraising campaign to coincide with her New York City Marathon run. With generous donations from family and friends, Laura was able to raise $3000 for the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation®.


Childrens’ Cards
Daelyn, Tessa, Paige and Kyle sent the us thank you cards with original artwork in honor of Brenda Funk, who is battling triple negative breast cancer. These beautiful works of art inspired all of us at the TNBC Foundation® to work even harder to find a cure.
Click here to see them all


Karen Luks
Karen Luks, head of the preschool at Brooklyn Friends School, discovered pink scarves piling up in her office after she mentioned that she would be selling scarves at the school’s annual Holiday Crafts Fair to help raise awareness of triple negative breast cancer. Student, parents and teachers all began knitting pink scarves. They raised $1,200!


Lucy & Ethel Unlimited
Barbara Thomas and Carla McCracken are close friends who join forces to raise funds and awareness for selected charities each year. These wonderful women first contacted the TNBC Foundation® after seeing our Board on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. They wrote: [We] have dedicated ourselves to raising funds for worthwhile organizations when we can. We don’t raise tons of money, but we put all our heart in our efforts.

In their community, Barbara and Carla are known as “Lucy and Ethel Unlimited” because they are unlimited in the dedication they offer to the charities they support. They decided to donate the proceeds of all their fundraising efforts in 2007 to the TNBC Foundation®.

We were thrilled to learn that Barbara and Carla raised $237 for the TNBC Foundation® by selling roasted chicken and turkey breast sandwiches and by organizing a raffle in their community.


Maya Moritz
11 year old Maya Moritz crocheted friendship bracelets and donated 50% of proceeds from sales to the Triiple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.
More >


Lydia Oster
Lydia Oster’s family created a beautiful website in her honor, one which celebrates the life she led and highlights her selfless contributions to her family and to the causes she believed in. They asked friends and family to support the TNBC Foundation®.


Kimberlly Thomas
Kimberlly Thomas was a beautiful, vivacious 32 year old mother who tragically lost her life to triple negative breast cancer. Her family published a touching tribute to Kimberlly on her blog. It reads, in part: “Kim’s smile was one of the most infectious things in the world. Your support will go a long way in getting us closer to finding a cure. A cure that will indeed keep a smile on many faces – in many families.” They asked that, in lieu of flowers, all donation be made to the TNBC Foundation®.