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Cancer with Joy


Stage 4 cancer survivor Joy Huber penned “Cancer with Joy” and is excited to share this news with the TNBCF community. The book features Cristy Norwood, stage two triple negative survivor and TNBCF Courage Award recipient, who inspires readers with her story of facing cancer while pregnant with her fifth child.

“Cancer with Joy” intends to bring happiness to newly diagnosed cancer patients and their support teams (caregivers, family, friends, etc.). Huber says, “No one is happy they have cancer, BUT you can have cancer and still be happy!” “Cancer with Joy” helps you discover how.

Joy would be thrilled to personally autograph a copy of the book for any reader, available here. 20% of the purchase price of the autographed copy will be donated to TNBCF.

Joy Huber is a professional speaker and songwriter, who was diagnosed with stage four cancer at the young age of 33, in 2010. The subtitle of “Cancer with Joy” is “How to Transform Fear into Happiness and Find the Bright Side Effects.” In addition to the book, Huber co-wrote the song “Bright Side Effects,” and you can see the music video starring Cristy in the chorus here.

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