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John Pineda’s Birthday Challenge

carmelitapineda_lrgOn May 21, 2009 my sister, brother, and I lost our mother, Carmelita Pineda, to Triple Negative Breast Cancer. She fought the disease valiantly from her diagnosis in October 2007 until her passing. Our friends and family were devastated by her passing and still are to this day.

Carmelita Pineda was an amazing woman. She was a loving and caring mother which carried over into her career as a nurse, caring for her patients like her own children. Many will remember my mother’s contagious smile, while others will remember her angelic singing voice, however all will remember her genuine compassion.

In the weeks before my 23rd birthday on October 28, I decided that I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do something good. Birthdays are usually occasions where one centers the spotlight on themselves. But I wanted to use my birthday as a vehicle to shed light and share knowledge about something very dear to me, Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I decided that instead of asking for material items for my birthday, I would challenge my family and friends to educate themselves about Triple Negative Breast Cancer and donate to the TNBC Foundation® in my mother’s memory. I created an event on Facebook ( and proceeded to invite my friends. Ambitiously, I set the goal at $2,300 and named the event “$2,300 for my 23rd.” I knew the amount was high, but would have been happy raising anything for the TNBC Foundation. Thanks to the benevolence of my family and friends I reached my goal a week early, and ended up raising $2,678.00 between September 7th and October 28th. I feel truly blessed to have these people in my life. While this may have been the first birthday spent without my mother, I’m sure the way I chose to celebrate it would have made her proud.

Thank you Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation® for spreading knowledge and creating support for those with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I hope my event shows that you have dedicated supporters in the family and friends of Carmelita Pineda.

Very Respectfully,
John Pineda

John’s Interview about his mother’s battle with TNBC, for the website

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