Meet our first (Un)Common Knowledge Presenter – Patricia Prijatal 2017-04-04T19:05:05+00:00

Meet our first (Un)Common Knowledge Presenter – Patricia Prijatal

This October, in honor of breast cancer awareness month, Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation launches (Un)Common Knowledge, a Webinar series featuring perspectives on triple negative breast cancer.

This series will be audience-driven, crafted in response to your most pressing questions, which you will have an opportunity to submit in advance. Raise your hand and join us!

Oct 16, 2012

Prijatel_Triple Neg_coverAfter her diagnosis of hormone-negative breast cancer in 2006, health writer and journalism professor Patricia Prijatel started investigating the disease: how it occurs, how it’s treated, and how to keep it from recurring. She found that much of the research on breast cancer, and much of what was written in the popular media, focused on the more common form, hormone-positive. Yet, as she dug through medical journals, she learned that research was just starting on a newly defined disease, triple-negative breast cancer. Research on TNBC was in its infancy, having started in 2005.

Believing that she was learning things that might help other women, Pat began writing a blog, Positives About Negative, to share her knowledge. It became clear that nobody else was writing about TNBC, so in 2008, she began writing a book. Because of her academic background, she knew how to read and interpret research reports. Because of her background in journalism, she knew how to translate that research into everyday language. And because of her background with hormone-negative breast cancer, she knew what women wanted and needed-information, perspective, clarity, and hope.

It took her four years of poring through hundreds of research studies to produce Surviving Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.