Our Mission

We are a credible source for triple negative breast cancer information, a catalyst for science and patient advocacy and a caring community with meaningful services for patients and their families.

Our Work

  • We host regular symposiums or “think tanks” which are attended by the top doctors and researchers in the field, to create road-maps for a cure for triple negative breast cancer.
  • We offer research grant support to encourage the launch of projects aimed at finding targeted treatments for triple negative disease. TNBC Foundation supports research at many leading institutions, including Stanford, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, UNC, NYU, Mount Sinai, The Institute of Cancer Research (London), University of Alabama, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and University of Miami.
  • We offer a TNBC Helpline, where patients can call and speak with oncology social workers specifically trained to address the needs of the triple negative breast cancer community.
  • Through our helpline, we offer a financial assistance program to help women with triple negative breast cancer afford transportation, child care and other expenses associated with their treatment.
  • We continuously expand our website, www.tnbcfoundation.org, and offer an ever-growing resources section and up‐to‐the‐minute information about the disease.
  • We host online discussion forums which offer the TNBC community a central place to go for support and information about the disease.
  • We constantly work to educate patients about triple negative breast cancer through teleconferences and webinars, and with printed and online materials that have proven to be essential resources for newly diagnosed patients
  • We work to educate doctors and nurses about triple negative breast cancer through Continuing Medical Education programs aimed at improving patients’ experience during treatment.
  • We offer triple negative breast cancer patients opportunities to meet with, learn from, and support each other in online support groups.
  • We host TNBC Day – an annual, nationwide, grassroots awareness and fundraising campaign that puts the spotlight on triple negative disease while raising money for triple negative research.