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The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation has partnered with PRIME Education, a leading research and continuing medical education provider, to offer accredited courses to TNBC healthcare professionals.

Deconstructing Barriers to Equitable Care for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (1-hour CME/CE Credit)

Despite improvements in treatment options for triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), ensuring equitable, quality care remains a significant hurdle for oncology care teams. In this expert-led video activity, breast cancer expert Dr. Rita Nanda will review real-world insights and lessons learned from a recent TNBC quality improvement initiative. Listen in as she offers guidance on:

  • Aligning care with new clinical data and evidence-based guidelines
  • Developing individualized treatment plans based on molecular and clinical disease features
  • Implementing team-based strategies to overcome disparities and promote equity in TNBC care
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Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Real-world Strategies for Care Teams (1-hour CME/CE Credit)

Join us as multidisciplinary experts in breast cancer provide case-based training on current challenges in the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). With special focus on the rapidly expanding roles of advanced practice professionals and nurses in TNBC care, experts will explore team-based approaches to improving outcomes and real-world perspectives and effective strategies for application in your own practice.


I. Understanding and Integrating Biomarker Testing in TNBC

II. Personalized, Evidence-Based, and Guideline-Aligned Treatment Options

III. Ensuring Safety: Monitoring, Recognizing, and Managing Adverse Events

IV. Patient-Centered Measures to Ensure Quality of Life and Quality End-of-Life Care

V. Care in the Era of COVID-19 and Answering Key Clinical Questions

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Emerging Evidence in Triple Negative Breast Cancer (1-hour CME/CE Credit)

Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is an aggressive type of breast cancer with limited treatment options and a poor prognosis. New and emerging agents, including antibody-drug conjugates, are poised to fulfill an unmet need for patients with TNBC. In this program, two leading TNBC experts will discuss:

  • Current, new, and emerging therapies for TNBC
  • Managing adverse events associated with treatments
  • Evidence-based treatment decision-making for patients with advanced/metastatic disease
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Transforming TNBC Care in Community Oncology Practices (1-hour CME/CE Credit)

Rapidly evolving evidence in triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) can present challenges in aligning practice with the latest clinical data and guideline recommendations. In this expert-led video activity, participants will review insights from a recent TNBC quality improvement initiative conducted at community oncology practices nationwide, and evaluate the latest clinical evidence and patient management approaches in TNBC to enhance patient-centered care.

Participants will also be able to download two point-of-care tools focused on evidence-based treatment decision-making and adverse event management to support quality patient care.

Watch this video to gain insight on real-world practice patterns in TNBC care and align your practice with the latest guideline recommendations.

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