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Newly Diagnosed

We're here for you

You may never have heard of triple negative breast cancer before you received your test results. A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, scary and lonely. The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation provides information and resources to help you on your journey. We've assembled a list of suggestions below that might be helpful to you.

Get the facts

Research your disease and treatment options. Ask questions and take notes when you meet with your doctor. This will help you feel more confident about your treatment decisions.
Learn more about triple negative breast cancer.

Find a doctor who understands TNBC

When selecting your healthcare team, choose providers with experience treating triple negative breast cancer. Look online for oncologists and surgeons who say they specialize in triple negative breast cancer. Search your region for clinical trials on triple negative breast cancer and find the names of doctors coordinating the studies. If you do not live near a health center with a doctor specializing in triple negative breast cancer, consider traveling outside your area for a second opinion on your treatment plan.

Get support

The TNBC Foundation provides a phone and email helpline for triple negative patients and caregivers. Our helpline is staffed by experienced oncology social workers with specific knowledge of triple negative disease. You can also find support and information by connecting with other patients and caregivers through our online forum community.

Ask for help

Your friends and family might not know exactly how to help you. Let them know what you need at this time and throughout your treatment and recovery.

Don't focus on statistics

Just like every individual is unique, every cancer diagnosis is unique. Don't try to compare your cancer experience to that of others.

Self Care

Be good to your mind and body to help you get through treatment. Exercise when you can and eat healthy foods. Find at least one thing to be positive about every day and take life one day at a time. A cancer diagnosis is easier to face if you focus on one day and one appointment at a time. 


State-of-the-art Treatment for TNBC: Talking with The Experts

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State Of The Art Treatment For Tnbc

We are here to help

The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation has partnered with CancerCare to offer free, professional support services to patients, families and health providers coping with a diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer.

The TNBC Helpline is staffed by experienced oncology social workers with specific knowledge of triple negative disease. In addition to counseling, TNBC Helpline staff can assist callers in availing themselves of the various other services CancerCare has to offer including, where appropriate, helping patients apply for co-pay assistance, transportation and other social services.

877-880-TNBC (8622)

10am to 6pm ET
Friday 10am to 5pm ET

You can also email us at: