Your Guide to the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

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Join the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance, and Cancer Fashionista Foundation for a virtual guide to the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, Dec. 6 - 10.

Virtual Events

SABCS Kick Off!

Melissa Berry (Cancer Fashionista Foundation) will host a fun, informal discussion with Hayley Dinerman (TNBC Foundation) and Ricki Fairley (TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance) to kick off their coverage of the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS). Learn why this symposium is so important to the breast cancer community and what kind of information to expect. Watch LIVE on Instagram (@cancerfashionista) or view the recording using the link below.

3 Hosts

Unite for HER Unboxing

Meet our newest partner, Unite for HER for an unboxing event and learn how to register to receive $2,000 worth of free wellness services and products! Watch on Instagram LIVE (@cancerfashionista) or view the recording at a later date on our SABCS TV page (link below).

This wellness program offers psychological counseling, yoga, meditation, free groceries, meal deliveries, online fitness classes, and more! Visit to learn more about this amazing program!

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