Sharon Power


I found a lump in the shower in June 2018, it seemed to come up overnight. I was diagnosed in July 2018 and my whole world fell apart. The lump in my left breast was 4cm with 6 nodes affected. I underwent a mastectomy in late July followed by 16 rounds of Chemo. Losing my hair was so traumatizing as it all came out in the bath. I also had 20 rounds of radiotherapy and finished all active treatment in March 2019.

I was catapulted into a world with people who were in there too wide eyed and petrified. I’ve met the most amazing strong women, all with their own children like me. Their strength keeps my head above water. I have a new respect for nurses and doctors. The tea lady I met every week made me laugh and was bursting with joy; it was so contagious. A friend of mine who was diagnosed 10 years previously with TNBC has literally been my guiding light throughout this and I will never be able to repay her for her kindness and compassion. I am lucky I have a wonderful loving family and great friends who really support me on a day to day basis which is helping me so much.

The human spirit wants to thrive and soar, even through adversity. Surround yourself with support. Talk to people, go to counseling. Do nice things for yourself, rest and breathe deeply. I feel lucky to be alive, and also scared but alive. I’m making every moment count and I’m eternally grateful I’m here right now. Everything else is in the hands of God.

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