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Please review our guidelines before planning your event.

Fundraising Events

Host a fundraising event for TNBC Day! Events are a fun way to raise awareness and money for TNBC research. We listed some successful ideas below...or get creative and plan an event that you know will be a hit with your family and friends!

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Online & Easy

3 x 365

Ask people to donate the equivalent of $3 a day, week, month or year. Everyone can participate and donate at a level that fits their budget and commitment.

In Honor Of

Create a donation campaign in honor of a TNBC thriver. You can also honor any other milestone in the life of someone special -including birthdays, graduations or anniversaries.

Hold the Latte

Ask friends to leave their jumbo latte or favorite coffee drink behind for a week and donate the $35 saved to make a difference in the TNBC Foundation’s efforts to help woman with TNBC. If 30 friends participate, you’ve raised more than $1000!

Triple Treats

Give up three desserts and donate the money saved to fight TNBC. Ask friends to donate $20, and thank them for being so sweet.

Facebook Friends

Show your Facebook friends how much you appreciate them. Make a TNBC donation based on your number of friends ($1 or $3 each, for example) and suggest that they donate too.

No Cookie, Cookie Sale

Ask friends to save the calories and donate the cost of a box or two of scout cookies.

Amazon Smile

Choose TNBC Foundation as your preferred charity on — every purchase made will yield a donation to TNBC Foundation equal to 0.5% of the purchase price — on everything from toothpaste to expensive works of art! It all adds up, all year long, when your friends select TNBC Foundation to benefit from purchases that they would be making anyway.

Home Based

Party Time

Organize a party in the name of a great cause! Send an Evite to your guests and invite them to come over for fun and great conversation. Focus your get-together on adults or make it family time and invite the kids. Include information about TNBC in the Evite and ask each guest to bring a prewritten check in a sealed envelope. This is a low-pressure way to raise money and spend quality time with friends and family.

Fancy & Fun Dinner Party

For something extra special, invite your guests to dress up as if they are going to a fancy fundraiser, but instead of asking for $1,000 a plate, just ask for $30 or more per plate. To spread the work out, make it a progressive dinner party where guests move from home to home or make it a potluck. You could theme it as a pink party and ask guests to wear their favorite pink attire.

Triple Negative Trivia/Game Night

Guests pay to play. Everyone loves trivia games — you could even include a few questions about TNBC. You could also go with favorite board, bingo or card games. This idea works for any size gathering — small groups could be hosted at home and larger groups could be hosted at a restaurant or other community venue.

Silent Auction

Collect quality items and extras from friends, family and local businesses. Plan it as a silent or white elephant auction — in your home, community or even online. Scale it up or down to suit your needs and venue. Other fundraising elements like a Pink Lemonade Stand and a children’s art sale can also be incorporated.

(Virtual) Tea Party

Unable to plan an active event but still interested in participating from home? All you’ll need is wrapped tea bags, cards and stamps. Mail out tea along with a card/note asking that the recipient enjoy their cup of tea and in return make a donation of their choice to fight TNBC. The cards can also include TNBC facts.

Around Town

Healthy Happy Hour

Organize a long walk at happy hour in lieu of a traditional happy hour.

Spring-Cleaning Block Party:

Organize an early spring-cleaning block party and tag sale in your neighborhood with all proceeds going towards the TNBC Foundation. It’s easy to print up flyers and distribute them all over town. Add some free classified ads and alert your community paper. You’ll raise money, bring your neighbors together and get rid of all those unused items in your house.

Ebay Sell-a-thon

Ask your audience to find some brand new items, unwanted gifts or collectibles in their home to donate to your sell-at-thon. Photograph the items and create listings. Place them on Ebay for sale with the TNBC Foundation code and the proceeds will go directly to TNBC Foundation. Organize a little competition among donors for the item that sells for the most money!

Faith Communities

Ask your local churches, synagogues, and faith-based community groups to do a collection in honor of TNBC Foundation. Many groups are happy to host someone that can speak from the heart about their experience and educate others.

Local Restaurants and Businesses

Many restaurants and businesses encourage revenue sharing days where a portion of the proceeds goes to a local charitable organization in exchange for some promotion. Contact local chains and privately owned businesses and restaurants to inquire! Fact sheets or thank you cards can be given out with menus or checks.

Private Party

Expanding on the idea above, host a private party at the restaurant and invite your community. It’s a great way for any business to reach new customers and show that they give back to important issues.

Coin Jars

Coin jars are an easy way to get people involved all over your town and show that every donation helps.

Active & Sporty

Bowling for Dollars

Invite your friends and family to go bowling and help you strike out TNBC! Ask each person to bring along a check in any amount. Your local lane may help out with reduced costs — and announcing your presence to others at the venue. Bring pens and envelopes for the front counter — by the end of the night you will have added checks and cash.

Triple Fit

Ask your local gym to host an exercise class to benefit TNBC Foundation. All class fees and added donations add new strength to TNBC Foundation efforts. Consider inviting a local nurse or health educator to attend the class and teach attendees to do breast self-exams.


Everybody understands the intent and importance of a walkathon. Sponsor a walk or run and participants collect pledges from family, friends and coworkers. You can solicit donations from local merchants from refreshments to raffle items. Walkathons work really well in conjunction with a raffle, as you can sell tickets while you gather pledges.


Softball, tennis, golf, volleyball — choose your sport! Community wide events like these generate great publicity — so you’ll be raising awareness while raising funds! Ask your local gym, rec center or school to provide space and equipment. If you’re up for added details, make up posters, signs and t-shirts.


All of the ideas above have lots of offshoots and opportunities. From miniature golf-a-thons to cooking classes to dance lessons. Think about venues and businesses in your community that need extra promotion or have slow days.


Bake Sale

A fundraising classic, because it works! Make or buy sweets to sell at work, school, or a community event. Make sure to have TNBC information on hand to educate your customers.


Sweet Charity Crafts for a Cause

Host a craft sale/auction and afternoon tea party.

Make and/or sell something you love

Use a TNBC theme or message. Focus on general and not date-specific items to keep sales opportunities ongoing. You could even sell your items on eBay to benefit TNBC Foundation!


Notecards are a lost art! Design and sell your own — you can even take a favorite photograph and produce cards inexpensively on Shutterfly or other websites. Buyers can use them for any type of greeting or to send a supportive note to a woman with TNBC.

Family Fun

Kid’s Art Auction

Invite children to draw, paint, sculpt and create a gallery of their work. Parents, friends and other invited guests can bid on the artwork. Art could focus on pink or family themes. Supplement the event with a bake sale or refreshments.

Penny Drive

Children can decorate cans with the TNBC Foundation logo and facts about triple negative breast cancer, and ask their neighbors, friends, schools and clubs to contribute.

Kid’s Favorite Snack Sale

Help your children organize a bake sale at school or in the neighborhood.

Pink Lemonade Stand

A classic!

Girl Stuff

Spa Afternoon or Night

Have an event in partnership with your local day spa, beauty or nail salon. They love bringing in new customers on a typically slow Monday!

Afternoon Tea and Cakes

Host at a private home or local restaurant. Make it even more fun by choosing a theme, such as “wear a hat” or “dress in pink.”

Yoga Escape

Partner with your favorite yoga or exercise studio to host morning or afternoon classes, donating the proceeds to TNBC Foundation. Your guests will be energized for their day.

At the Office

“Wear Your Jeans” to Work Day

Co-workers make a donation to be able to wear jeans to work. A crowd-pleasing way to raise money and awareness.

Desserts Delivered

Prepare or buy enticing desserts and snacks for your office. Grab a cart and wheel your treats from office to office. Everyone will want to get in on the fun.

Awareness Events

If you want to participate, but you’re more comfortable focusing on raising awareness than raising money, check out the awareness raising ideas below. Awareness of TNBC is critical to all of our efforts and ultimately helps us find new donors and partners.

Bulls Eye Photo

Raise Awareness in the Medical Community

Spread the word about the services the TNBC Foundation offers to patients

The more patient navigators and clinicians that know about our work, the more patients will be told about TNBC Foundation at their point of diagnosis- when we can help them the most. Pick the three largest hospitals in your area, give them a call, and ask to speak with the representative in charge of patient navigation. Tell them about TNBC Foundation so that they can tell their patients.

Spread the word through Social Media

“Like” us on Facebook

We love to communicate with our community and we use Facebook frequently to get our messages out. Invite all of your friends to like us too! When you read an interesting post — whether it’s information about the prevalence of TNBC in America or a promising new study — please “share” it with your friends.
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Share photos

If you attend a TNBC Foundation event take pictures and share them through social media.

Engage with our greater TNBC community

Post to the Forums at

Over 5,500 people from around the world use our forums to exchange information and support one another. Offer a message of support today and use your voice to help others. TNBC Foundation Forum

Engage politicians

Write to your Congress people

Make sure that your representatives in Washington know that investing in cancer research matters to you. Critical research comes out of the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. Tell your Congress people that their support of these institutions is vital. To find your Representatives (including their email and other contact information), visit

Organize a letter-writing campaign

While even a single letter can make a difference, asking a large number of people to reach an office with letters, phone calls, and e-mails can have a huge impact. Write a powerful letter, email or talking points for a phone call using the information in the TNBC Foundation Fact Sheet found in the toolkit. Share what you produce with friends and family so they have strong samples to refer to — and ask them to join your campaign with letters/emails/calls of their own.