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Promote Your Event

  • Leverage Facebook and any social media sites that you belong to by posting a link to your personal fundraising page and the TNBC Day website. Ask your friends to share the links with others. Consider launching your event on Facebook and using Facebook as the primary platform to keep your attendees/participants/donors updated on how everything is progressing.
  • Email your friends, family and associates and let them know about your event. If you prefer, create a card or letter to mail.
  • Make a list of local newspapers, television/radio stations, community websites and bloggers that your friends, family and associates rely on for community events and information – and that you’d like to see promote your event. Local media love stories of community members doing good. Research online or by phone to determine reporters that cover women’s health issues and/or community events.
  • Customize and distribute the Press Release template with the details of your event. Contact reporters and ask them to tell their audience about TNBC Day and your event.
  • Consider contacting your local or state legislator and ask them to consider bestowing a proclamation for your event and invite them to participate.
  • Share your event page across all your social media networks often and use the hashtag #TNBCDay to connect with others. Also, share your event photos using the #TNBCDay hashtag to be featured on the TNBC Foundation Facebook page.